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No Charge For The Advice

Drop by the store or send us an email. We can make sure the things you buy are actually the things you need.

  • Do you know how you want your home entertainment system to work but not which products will help you get there?
  • Are you aftaid to pull the trigger on a new product you've been wanting because you aren't sure it does what you need it to?
  • Getting something for your parents and worried they won't be able to figure it out?


Royal did a great job helping me upgrade an outdated built-in system in a condo I recently moved into. The old system was a jumbled mess of components and wires literally sitting on the living room floor. In a very short period of time Joe (the owner) helped me figure out the best way to add a few pieces to use the built-in speakers but make the whole system wireless and easily controlled from my phone, including the TV audio. The guys who installed it were super professional and did an excellent job. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or recommend them to anyone.There’s nothing the Sweeney’s can’t do.
— Michael Y.
...Long story short, Royal was the best price by far and the only company able to figure out a way to make our system work the way we wanted.
— Joe F.
It may not have the feel of a showroom or Best Buy, but these guys get the job done. If you want it, they can get it for you, and can help install it. Friendly, direct, and happy to talk with you and show you how things work or some new possibilities for the TV or speakers or complete system.
— Troy H.